Our Values and Mission

KOLTON.J: Jewelry with a purpose

As a high-end accessories label, we serve to cater to your every jewelry and accessories needs by designing and producing the highest quality, unique, beautiful, and meaningful products. More than creating a beautiful product for you to treasure, we strive to empower you to feel your best, look your best, and more importantly, be your best.

Jewelry can be a beautiful product, but we want our products to represent much more than that. While providing you with all the shiny, sparkly pieces your heart desires, we also hope and aim to inspire, motivate, educate, and humor you. My hope is that when you look in the mirror or down at your wrist at your KOLTON.J handcrafted pieces that you feel invigorated, believed in, and supported. I hope that our words and products give you the courage, confidence, and genuine support that inspires you to be yourself and love yourself. I hope that KOLTON.J becomes a piece of your story in the same way that you have helped shape ours - not without a lot of hard work, dedication, persistence, love, sweat, and tears, but all for the genuine desire to make a difference and pursue a dream.


Our KOLTON.J Core Values:

  • Designing and providing high quality, unique products meant to make you feel confident, beautiful, and made especially for you. We hope that when you wear KOLTON.J, you make it yours - tailored to your own style, mood, and personality.
  • Authenticity. We are a company that values authenticity and personality to the highest degree. Our words are spoken with soul, our products made with passion, and our identity founded on genuine intent to make a difference by building a community of empowerment.
  • Customer Service/Stylist/Friend: Whether it's helping you pick out the perfect gift for a friend, coming up with the best outfit ensemble, or working with you to create custom pieces with heirloom pieces, we are here for you and we want you to know it. We strive to provide you with the best customer service possible.
  • Philanthropy: Since our founding, we have been and will always be a company that cares immensely about giving back to our community and making a difference. Visit our "KJ Gives Back" page to learn more about our continued initiatives such as the KOLTON.J Commitment, our 501 c(3) social impact initiative, "KJ Gives Back" parties, fundraiser events, and exclusive product lines designed for our valued nonprofit partnerships.
  • Impact & Empowerment: We strive to make our customers and readership feel inspired, believed in, and supported through our words and products.